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Website: http:
Tel: 01925 452452
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Golden Gates Housing Trust, Bank Park House, Kendrick Street, Warrington, WA1 1UZ
Aims & activities
Golden Gates Housing Trust (GGHT) is a Registered Housing Provider with the HCA. GGHT is primarily engaged in providing general needs housing accommodation for rent. The Trust's vision is to be a leading housing provider which offers quality homes and neighbourthoods where people want to live. We aim to achieve high satisfaction, improve the quality of life and be a leader in energy efficiency.
What the charity does
The advancement of health or saving of lives
The prevention or relief of poverty
Amateur sport
Economic/community development/employment
Who the charity helps
Elderly/old people
People with disabilities
Other defined groups
How the charity works
Provides buildings/facilities/open space
Provides services
Provides advocacy/advice/information
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Ashley Isherwood


a week ago
Work carried out is appalling By gght builders as they can't fix leaks still have loads it's ruined my bathroom if they show up plus I wait about 20 mins before answer not ok if you have to pay plus the website and emailing system wait around a month for a reply

Response from the ownera year ago

You seem to have a number of issues - please note our complaints policy/procedure if you wish to escalate:

Ken Halliday


a month ago
We have lived in our house for more than 40 years, under the control of Newtown, The Council, GGHT, and now Helena..
Like many others, we have endured shoddy, amateurish repair and installation ...

Leanne Carberry


a month ago
Everytime gght instruct you to ring them to change a repair appt time for example, you listen to an automated person for what feels like half an hour telling you to go and log your query online which is not relevant to your query (as you ...More

Amanda Woods


2 months ago
I think this is disgusting as homeless and me and my partner were offered a shoe box basically not enough room to even put a double ben in the bedroom no storage place kitchen so small only 1 person would fit in it and they deem that ...More

Lynn Rawlinson


7 months ago
I know it's boxing day...but boiler has broke in that night (3rd time in 18mths). NO HEATING & NO HOT WATER. I've been on the phone for nearly an hour. I have NOT even heard a human voice just auto intro. Hold music is ...More

John Morear


3 months ago
Absolutely terrible contact service, spent over 10 minutes waiting only to be told it was incorrect option and would need to redial. Message advice far to long. 0/10 rating.

Chris Robb


a year ago
Twenty three days since I emailed Lyndsey Taylor, the contact posted on GGHT website.
1st email I sent on Wed 6th July. Auto reply: I shall be out of the office until ...

Response from the ownera year ago

Hi Chris - appreciate your frustration. I have passed these comments onto Lyndsey. However just for your own information you can email our - which goes to our service centre for a 1 working day response. Thanks

Nicole B


6 months ago
poor service been waiting on the phone for over 60 mins

Alexandra Williams


11 months ago
Pathetic, inexcusable, rubbish, full of false promise, no better than a slum landlord, buck passing bunch of people who's default responce is please email tenant enquiries and we will ignore you again and if we ignore the tenant enough they might go away, wake up golden gates, your failing the tenants

Response from the owner11 months ago
If you would like to contact us with the details of your complaint we would be happy to investigate it for you. If you feel the email address is not working for you (I have passed a query through to our service centre about this), why not ...More
Shaun Morris


a year ago
Always take forever to get through and previous work carried out is always temporary fixes, this is the 6 time time my boilers broke and I can't get through again even currently. I'm tired of having no water

Response from the ownera year ago

Hi Shaun - if you have trouble getting through on the phone, they can get very busy. You can always email us direct at for a 1 working day response. Thanks

beryl ashall


7 months ago
i feed up of have a puddle in bathroom everytime it rains

Ginger Time Lord


a year ago
They hardly ever answer the phone.As a tenant who never fails to pay his rent I find this extremely annoying when I have an important enquiry

Response from the ownera year ago
Sorry you have had trouble getting through, sometimes our phone lines are really busy and levels of incoming calls can vary greatly throughout the day. ...More


11 months ago
Poor quality repairs, poor service, poor communication

Response from the owner11 months ago
We always appreciate constructive criticism and the opportunity to learn from our mistakes - if you would like to contact us with specific details we would be more than happy to look into your issues. Alternatively if you would like to ...More


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